7 Secrets to Successfully Rebranding Your Business

There will be a point in your entrepreneurial journey where a rebrand will be necessary. I've noticed that some tend to use this phrase in a negative connotation. Rebranding does not mean you've failed. It can actually mean the exact opposite. For me, rebranding has represented growth and increased direction. Over the years, #HERmovement has continued to grow and blossom into the business that you see today. Here are seven tips you can leverage to rebrand your business seamlessly. 


Survey Your Existing Audience

This step is optional for some but crucial for those of you who are shifting direction but want to retain your audience. There are instances where your target audience remains the same, but you have a new outlook for your business. Survey your audience formally to understand what their needs and challenges are. One of my favorite questions to ask on my yearly reader survey is, "What's stopped you from hiring a brand consultant?" Responses to this question alone have shifted how I market my products as well  as my communication plan. Additionally, check in with former clients and customers. Get their feedback on your products and services. You may find an opportunity to re-engage them with your business or at minimum, land a testimonial.


Outline Your Vision and End Goal

Get crystal clear on where you want your business to go and how your rebrand will get you closer to your goal. In my 12 week brand program, I asked the participants to write their mission, vision and value proposition in week one. This the foundation of your business. This is also one of the first activities I outlined in my business plan template. Understanding your vision and goals will help you to remain centered, stay on track and execute strategies that align with your business.


Work with a Branding Expert

Rebranding is a huge task and can be overwhelming. A branding expert can help you to hone in and get intentional on what you are looking to do. This person can also assist you with the remaining steps listed. Listen, even coaches have coaches. As a brand strategist, I have worked with other brand strategists on certain projects. Why? Because I know I'm too close to my work. An external, non biased expert opinion has saved me time and money by preventing me from making mistakes. If you'd like to work with a branding expert that won't charge you rent money for a one hour call, consider chatting with me!


Create a Mood Board

A brand strategist should help you with this but in the event that they don't, you can make it on your own. A brand mood board consists of several elements. One is a mini collage of images that represents your brand's essence. It also contains the fonts you'll use consistently across your website and graphics, brand colors, and logo variations. Using a mood board helped me with the redesign of my website. My mood board kept me on track and ensured what I designed aligned with the brand identity I wanted to showcase.


Develop Your Relaunch Timeline

Identify how long it will take you to relaunch. Your timeline should include not only the time for redesigning your site but also consider your launch sequences for products/services and additional promotions. Staying on track is essential. The longer it takes, the more it will cost you. Also consider your relaunch strategy. How will you reintroduce this new brand to your audience? Will you will tell them about it via social media? In an email? Give yourself time for the introduction.


Don't Disappear!

This is a huge mistake that many people make. During a rebrand, going ghost is not ideal. If you're unable to have a functional site during the rebrand, build a landing page with a countdown clock and an opt-in for your mailing list. Additionally, leverage social media to stay in touch with your audience. Take them behind the scenes of your rebrand via Snapchat or Instagram Stories. This will aid in building buzz around your new project!



Remove All Traces of Your Previous Brand

Why? Because it will confuse your audience. I changed the name of my blog over a year ago and went through my Instagram page to remove old promotions. You'd be surprised how many people will stumble upon old post or actually scroll to the beginning of your timeline  and ask questions about old promo's and articles. In fact, I even delete outdated promotions from my social media feeds to avoid confusion. The branding for The KSM Group has drastically shifted so I deleted every post from my Instagram page and started from scratch. You can share your story of growth and development via live stream, a blog post or in an email. But ensure that your online real estate conveys a consistent message.


What questions do you have about rebranding? Comment below and let me know!