3 Reasons Why Video Should Be Apart of Your Marketing Strategy

Video has begun to take over our timelines everywhere. It doesn’t take long to stumble across a video when scrolling through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Larger brands are beginning to invest more money in video advertisements as well as partner with influencers who can create engaging microcontent. Small businesses owners and bloggers can also maximize video to take their brands to the next level. Whether you’re a coach, product owner or beauty blogger, video can help you to reach broader audiences and build your visibility. If you aren’t convinced yet, here’s 3 reasons why you should implement video into your marketing strategy.


It Builds Your Brand as an Expert

Being able to discuss your expertise showcases your knowledge in a different way. Anyone can construct a blog post given enough time, but everyone isn’t good at articulating their insight. With video, you can meet your audience where they are and talk them through your concepts and ideas. You can speak their language and even use slang to get your point across as it humanizes you. Additionally, if you are using live stream, you have the ability to answer your audiences questions on the spot which further solidifies your spot as the go to person in your field.


It Allows You to Provide Visual Proof

You can do live demonstrations of how to use your product, whiteboard your strategy, share slide decks and more. This of course is dependent upon the platform you are using. But, nothing drives home your point more than examples of your concept. If you’re pitching a product, showing a consumer how to use it and its benefit encourages them to buy as they can begin to envision themselves using the product.


Its Cost Effective

Due to the rise of live stream platforms, videos filmed on your phone have just as much as impact as professional commercials. Additionally, your reach drastically increases when you use video as compared to photos or text. Also, the quality of phone cameras has drastically increased in recent years and its quite possible to create a high quality video using your iPhone 7 and iMovie software. All you need is a smart phone, tripod and you’re in business.