5 Things to Do to Supercharge Your Brand in 2018

Happy New Year Bombshells! 


Seems like we've been planning for 2018 for literally forever, and now its here! This is an exciting time. Many of us are feeling the joy and excitement that comes with a fresh start. I encourage you to capitalize on that energy and create your plan of action. Many new year's resolutions and goals fail within the first two weeks. 




Because too often, we focus on the results we want to get, but not the work that's required to achieve it.


Instead of basking in futuristic glory, maximize this newfound zest by creating your strategic plan for the year. I recently hosted a class on to do create a plan of success that is realistic, but will still stretch you beyond your comfort zone. You can catch the replay of the class here and you'll receive an updated copy of the Bombshell Business Plan template as well.


As you're refining your plan and finalizing the details, here are 5 things you can do now to supercharge your brand for the year.



Update Your Social Media Profiles

Refresh your social media. Update your profiles with new header images and profile photos if possible. Edit your biographies to best fit your value proposition. Update your pinned posts with your latest promotion and ensure that the links on your profiles (especially on Facebook) are working.



Revisit Your Website Copy and Layout

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but there's been a few updates here on the #HERmovement site, especially on the work me page and few others. Are there new calls to action you can add? Are there products/services you need to edit? Take another look at your offerings and how you're describing them. Is your content clear and actionable? Ask a few of your peers for their feedback. Give them specific questions to answer to guide the feedback.


Incorporate Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

I've said this previously, video is continuing to grow in its effectiveness. If you haven't already, figure out how you can continue to incorporate video into your strategy. Whether its pre-recorded or live stream, give it a shot and see how your audience responds. You can learn more about why video is so powerful here.


Reintroduce Yourself 

Kick off the year by reintroducing yourself to your social media followers and email list. Remind them of your expertise, how you service your clients and how they can work with you. If you have products, showcase your top 3 best sellers. Let's face it. Our audience members follow hundreds, sometimes, thousands of other people. Its okay to remind them every now and then why they should keep you top of mind. This is especially key if you are in the fields of career development, entrepreneurship, health or personal finance as many people have new year's goals that evolve around these topics.


Invest in Your Growth

As mentioned in my most recent podcast, investing in my business was the best thing I did in 2017. I invested in new tools, coaching and conference experiences. Those investments proved invaluable as 2017 was my best year yet in business. Not only from a revenue standpoint, but also as relates to brand awareness. I spoke at national conferences, was featured in several publications and even won the Entrepreneur of the Year award as well as Millennial Visionary of the Year. I am not saying these things to brag, but to drive home the point that these investments were worth it. The conference that awarded me the Millennial award? This was an event that I paid out of pocket to attend two years ago in a different state. This time around, they invited me to attend at no cost and gave me a great honor. Make the investment. You are worth it. So is your business. Prove to yourself that you want this.



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Happy New Year Bombshells! I'll see you in the society.



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