How to Invest In Your Brand At Any Budget

I firmly believe that growing your business requires personal growth more than anything else. Developing discipline, becoming consistent and having a commitment to your own development are the starting foundation to your success. When we hear the words professional development, we tend think of corporate environments, formal workshops and academia. But, professional development is not just for those who work in corporate America. By definition, it is the act of learning or earning professional credentials through conferences, coaching, mentoring, coursework and informal learning opportunities. It is oftentimes described as both intense and collaborative.


When we’re in high school, we’re taught to believe that in order to succeed we must go to college or trade school. We are willing to invest tens of thousands of dollars in formal education to pursue certain career goals. However, once the focus is switched to entrepreneurship, for some the mindset shifts. We no longer see the value in paying for classes or coaching. Then, we wonder why we don’t see growth and keep encountering roadblocks. We then look to entrepreneurs who have come before us and want them to teach us everything they know, for free. We don’t want to take the class or pay for the consult. This blog post is not to be shady or make anyone feel bad. It is instead a teachable moment because I was once the person I’m writing about and it took me years to shake this mentality.


I hired my first coach last year and paid a significant four figure investment. My coach was amazing and let me know from the start that she felt I was brilliant and should be way further along than I was. I opened up and trusted her process only to discover that I didn’t need help with sales, design or strategy. These weren’t the problem. The problem was me. I was in my own way. Though I’ve conquered a ton of fears, I still had a LOT of things I was afraid of. I wasn’t charging my worth. I wasn’t sticking to my boundaries. I was still giving away too much for free. And I wasn’t tooting my own horn enough. Sure, some of the business strategy she offered was helpful, but the main thing I needed to conquer before I could even implement it was mindset.


How can I charge my worth when initially I struggled to see the value of investing in myself? Last year I invested in software, books, a coach and a mastermind group and made all of those investments back in record time. I had my most profitable year yet in business while offering mostly the same products and services.


I am a huge advocate for articles, blogs and podcasts. However, it can take you literally forever to piece all of this information together for a cohesive strategy. Look at a coach the same way you would a teacher. You can spend a lifetime trying to figure it out or you can get a pass to the fast lane. Sure, you may get the same result at the end, but how long do you want to take to get there?



So as you begin to think about your own professional development, here’s a few ways you can invest in yourself based on your budget.


No Budget

I completely recognize that sometimes, we just don't have it. Trust me, I've been there. Here's a few resources to get you started.


Facebook -> I conduct Facebook Live trainings weekly here and in my group

Podcast -> Subscribe to The Bombshell Diaries on iTunes and Soundcloud.

Blog -> If you're new here, check out some of my older blog content.

YouTube -> Make sure you're subscribed for new videos

Instagram -> I drop gems every now and then in my captions and IG Stories.



Under $20

Join a membership community. This a great option if you have a smaller budget and are at the beginning of your journey. I offer a membership group called Bombshell Biz Society. It is $19/month or $197/year which gives you 2 months free with the option to cancel at anytime. The society aids in preventing information overload and bridge the gap between planning and execution. BBS helps women learn and build their brands through digital offerings, connection to experts and access to reputable systems.


The platform provides on demand training materials and resources on a variety of subjects within the realm of business from the creator as well as guest industry experts. Current training topics include:


  • How to Grow Your Brand with Facebook Groups

  • Creating Your Marketing Plan

  • 2018 Strategic Planning Masterclass

  • Find Your Niche and Brand It

  • How to Partner with Brands and Get Paid

  • And many more!


Other member benefits include a private members only forum, exclusive discounts, monthly Q&A calls with me and more. Learn more and join here.


Under $40

Consider purchasing a book or downloadable product to get started on crafting your business plan. I recommend Bombshell of All Trades. It is both a book and business planner. It gives you space to craft your brand strategy through guided worksheets but also provides context on how to create your strategy. Its companion journal is a great daily to-do list tracker as well. If you want instant access to a tool, consider the Bombshell Business Plan Template or Launch Your Brand Toolkit.

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Under $100

Depending upon where you are in your business, you will find a ton of value from a few of my on-demand classes. If you want to learn how to create digital products, check out Digital Products 101. Looking to land speaking engagements? Check out The Bombshell Speaker’s Masterclass.


In fact, in February I am hosting a class called Email Unlocked.

Email Unlocked is a live masterclass that will explore email marketing for side hustlers and small business owners. The class will cover a range of topics with the goal of providing complete understanding of how to best use email to grow your business.


Topics of discussion include:

-Email Marketing Platforms

-How to Attract Subscribers

-How to Engage Subscribers

-How to Sale via Email

-How to Create Automatic Email Funnels

-The Benefits of List Segmentation

-When and Why You Should Purge Your List


Those who register. Email Unlocked will have instant and lifetime access to the replay and to a few bonus trainings. You can still purchase the class here at #HERmovement.


Under $250

If you want personalized assistance but aren’t ready for to hire a coach, consider booking a 60 minute Hustle Strategy Session. The session is best for those who are not ready to enter a longer term coaching contract but would like personalized assistance with their brand strategy. During this call, I will provide you with real techniques to overcome difficulties that you are facing in your brand and/or business. The call flows in an intensive Q&A format. It is best to prepare in advance so that the call flows smoothly. The call is recorded and provided to you as an mp3 file. You will also receive a copy of the Bombshell Business Plan Template. A consultation is NOT required to have a strategy session. You can book your strategy session here.


Under $1000

Are you ready to launch the business you've been dreaming of? Or, are you ready to grow your business and expand your offerings? Then this consider one of my 1:1 coaching packages. We will develop your brand's value proposition, gain clarity on your ideal customer, discuss social media strategy, develop your product/service offerings and create a plan for growth. Over a 60-90 day period, you and I will collaborate to solidify your niche, hone your value proposition and build the brand you've been dreaming of! There three package options for this service: Social Media Makeover, Beginner Bombshell and The Bombshell Experience. Each package focuses on their own outcomes but includes the following:


  • Email support between sessions

  • Customized learning curriculum

  • Accountability assignments

  • Recordings of coaching calls

  • Copy of Bombshell of All Trades


Click here to schedule your consultation so we can discuss which package is best for you.