How to Prepare Your Business For Holiday Marketing

There are several key holidays coming up that can pivotal for a small business owner. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Money are all quickly approaching. Many of the marketing guru's suggest that businesses should have begun planning for these events in June. Though I agree, its not too late to get ready. Plus, you learn by experience right? This year, I encourage to take action as soon as you're done reading this post and next year, get ahead of the game.


I hosted a Facebook Live session on this topic a few days ago as part of the #SlayYourQ4 series. The series will contain several free pop up webinars and dedicated discussion threads within the #HERmovement Facebook Group. The webinars will occur via Facebook Live and the replays will remain available for 48 hours. After that, the replays will only be available for members of Bombshell Business Society - an exclusive membership group for women who are serious about their hustle. Check the Events tab in the #HERmovement group for a calendar of the upcoming webinars.

Now, let's get into holiday marketing.



Identify What Holiday's You Will Participate In
As mentioned, there are tons of holiday's coming up. Outside of those that are traditional, there are also social media holidays coming up that may make more sense for you to participate in. For example, November 1st is National Author's Day. If you have several published books, maybe you can offer a bundle deal or free shipping on your publications. It doesn't necessarily make sense for you to have a sale on EVERY holiday. You don't want to overload your audience or continuously discount your products.


Determine What Promotions You Will Run

Will you host a 1 day sale? Inventory clearance? Free shipping? Bundle deals? Identify early on what your promotions will consist of so that you can center your marketing campaign around it. Personally, I have found it to be more effective to offer a discount on one particular item or a particular category of items as opposed to the entire store. This is especially helpful you offer a ton of products or services. Help your shopper make their purchasing decision. 


Engage With Your Audience

Do not wait until the day of the sale to dust off your Instagram page or begin sending emails. Nurture your audience prior to running your campaign. If you haven't been active on social media or with your email list, begin to offer value early on so that the customer is more likely to purchase from you during your campaign. Use the Bombshell Product Planner to outline your email marketing and social campaign. Yes, nurturing your audience IS apart of your campaign.



Develop Promotional Materials

Use tools such as Canva, Creative Market or Photoshop to create promotional materials including email headers, social media headers and flyers. If you can, create short videos or gifs for your promos. Most people are going to have traditional promotional photos so if you do something different, you may catch the eye of more prospective customers.


Outline Your Sales Campaign

Focus on the value proposition of what you are offering in each promotion. In the Bombshell Product Planner, I provide you with templates to outline your courses and product offerings. A big component of each section is to list WHY your customer will benefit from this offering. Focusing on value as opposed to features will increase your sales exponentially. 


Evaluate Your Progress

After the sale season has ended, go back and review your efforts. What worked well? What didn't work so well? Take note of these items so that you can apply them as best practices in 2018!