Be the Brand, Look the Part – Lessons Learned from Episode 2 of Queen Boss

Hey bombshells! I’m back with another review of Centric TV’s Queen boss. Well, this will be more of a lessons learned series, but you get my point. The second episode aired over the weekend and was titled Social Media Master. Three new contestants first provided their pitch and then moved on to the business challenge of the week, which was all about social media! The contestants were provided props, as well as model and were challenged to shoot a photo for Instagram of a beautiful gold cuff. The cuff was a piece of jewelry from Serena Williams’ new jewelry collection. Who knew that shooting flat lays would come in handy?! As with last week, after the episode, there were several major entrepreneurial takeaways that I had and I’m here to share them with you!


Be the Brand – Look the Part


One of the contestants owned a company that provided on-demand hair and makeup styling services via an app. She connects stylists to customers and addresses many of the complaints that women today have about sitting in salons. Her ideas and pitch were impeccable. Her downfall? Her appearance. The comment stung but one of the judges boldly asked, “Did one of your stylists do you hair today?” In my opinion, her hair didn’t look bad – but it did look average. When representing a beauty brand, or any brand for that matter, you have to look the part! If you want to be taken seriously, appearance is important.  One of the other contestants on the show was a little too casually dressed for my liking. You don’t have to wear a suit but one of my mentors told me to always dress like I belong in the room. This isn’t to say that you have to spend a lot of money on clothes, makeup or hair. There are several affordable but quality options out there. With the help of YouTube, I can pull off a flawless makeup look with nothing but drug store makeup and make a $20 wig look like your $300 sew in. My point here? Put in the effort! Be the brand – Look the Part.


Numbers Matter

Dear creatives, I know we’re busy creating our masterpieces, but, we still need to have our numbers together. One of the contestants was asked about her revenue as well as expenses and failed to provide true insight on her company’s financial health. I am the last person here to offer financial advice but I can say, when pitching for capital, you must know your numbers! This is the heart of any pitch and business plan. Hire someone if you need to so that you are able to communicate confidently how you’re doing and what resources you need.


Know Enough to Be Dangerous 

You’re an expert at what you do. I get it and I support it. However, you should know enough about other subjects in business to be dangerous. During the business challenge, the contestants were provided with materials to shoot a flatlay photo to showcase a piece of jewelry. The photos were then posted to Instagram. Whomever received the most engagement on their photo would be deemed the winner. Watching both contestants struggle to do this was a bit painful. They both mentioned that they did not do their own social media or marketing for their companies. Maybe it’s because I’ve been a one woman show for so long, but girl! Social media is here to stay and even as founders, we need to know the role it plays in our business. You don’t have to be the person who literally uploads your company’s images to Instagram in order to know how it works. I want you to become an expert, but don’t let your expertise put you in a box so deep that you’re unable to learn new things.


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What did you think of this week’s episode? What were your major takeaways? Comment below and let me know!