What I Learned When I Launched My Cosmetics Business

As I'm sure you've heard by now, I launched Life of a Bombshell Cosmetics on April 7, 2017. I have spent nearly the last year researching and preparing for this launch. The launch was an overwhelming success and I want to share my experience with you.


Before I begin spilling the tea, you may be wondering, what does this new business mean for #HERmovement? Nothing. It meas nothing. You can still expect great content here as well as on my podcast and YouTube channel. My branding firm is still thriving and accepting new clients.The #HERmovement store is also still live and well!


Now, on to the launch. I will spare you the details of why and how I created this business as I filmed a YouTube video on the topic. I will leave it below.

Instead, I want to share with you my launch experience! Thanks to my expertise in branding, planning the launch process was extremely smooth. The first order of business was ensuring the website was complete. I designed my own website and logo within two weeks. In my research phase, I encountered several independently owned cosmetics websites that were less than stellar. I wanted my site to convey my brand to its fullest extent: confident, fun and bold! I also spent several hours shooting product photos and uploading those to the site. One issue I ran into here was inventory. My site automatically manages inventory and keeps track of how many items are sold, compared to what is in stock. I was concerned about inventory because I was hosting a launch party and I wasn’t sure how many orders I would get. I’ll write another post on inventory management later!


As I worked on the website, I simultaneously launched the brand’s social media platforms. Life of a Bombshell is active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I worked to actively build a following on Instagram pre-launch as that is where the bulk of my target audience is. I also created a mailing list sign up form and directed followers to that link within the Instagram bio to capture their emails. I offered them a discount code on launch day in exchange for signing up. You can still get 15% off for joining the mailing list by the way. I’ve mentioned this previously in my post on rebranding but its important to build buzz prior to your launch.


Next, I sought beauty influencers! As a blogger who works with brands, I know the value of collaborating with bloggers in your niche. I posted flyers to Instagram and Facebook advertising two opportunities: an ambassadorship and a launch team. I offered free product in exchange for social media postings and blog reviews. The difference between the two opportunities is the launch team was a one-time deal whereas the ambassadorship is long-term. On launch day, all of the beauty influencers posted their product photos to Instagram at the same time, which led to a more powerful impact!


In addition to influencers, I created a press release to disseminate to fellow bloggers and media outlets. I was able to secure two press placements prior to launch and several others afterwards. Quick tip – build a press page on your website to showcase where you have been featured. You can find an example of a press page here and here.


Finally, on launch day, I waited for everything to transpire. I already scheduled my email marketing and social media postings for the day. I am pleased to say I was overwhelmed with the orders that came in that day! In addition, I hosted a small invitation only launch party in Pittsburgh where every attendee purchased at least one item! I feel so blessed to have had such a positive experience and I know there is more work to come.


Tell me in the comments, what questions do you have as relates to launching a new business? I am contemplating writing more post on this topic but would love to know what your interest is? Comment below or tweet me!


P.S. I have a ton of videos that provide advice on launching a cosmetics line on my YouTube channel. These tips can be applied to any product based business.