Are you tired of putting in a ton of work and not seeing your bank account increase?


Are you frustrated with watching webinar after webinar and still feeling like you don't know what to do next?


Do you feel like life would be much better with a mentor?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, I'd like to invite you to join the Bombshell CEO Mentorship Program!


This program is designed for emerging women entrepreneurs who are need of support in developing their strategy for success. In this program, you will be provided the tools and resources you need to grow and sustain your business. The monthly assignments and bi-monthly check-in calls are meant to create accountability and serve as a system of support in your journey. The goal of The Bombshell CEO Mentorship program is to aid you in creating a growth plan that will increase your exposure, revenue and customer base.




The Truth Is...


  • Watching free webinars and purchasing a la carte training's here and there with no real strategy or expected outcomes is costing thousands of dollars

  • Being stressed and overwhelmed with thoughts of what to do next in your business is coming from is costing you time 

  • You're struggling more than you have to, because you haven't found the right mentor

  • You know you need help with consistency and accountability, but haven't figured out how to solve for this


This program consists of :

  • Access to a custom curriculum featuring video training’s and downloads on topics such as branding, marketing, sales and more! There are two available curriculum's - one for service providers and one for e-commerce (product) entrepreneurs.

  • Monthly Accountability Assignments

  • 6 monthly private coaching calls that will last 60 minutes

  • Unlimited virtual support via email

  • Access to #HERmovement Signature Courses Including: Bombshell Brand Society, Bombshell Sales Academy and Slaying @ Social

  • 3 month complimentary membership to Bombshell Biz Society post program

  • BONUS: Access to the Bombshell Speaker’s Masterclass


Investment: $597/month installment plan or $3400 total


How to get started

To get started, schedule a consultation using the button below. The consultation fee will be credited towards your service package.