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How to make money online

During this 90 minute video course you will learn:

-How to Earn Money From Your Digital Presence

-How to Write a Business Plan For Your Blog & Online Business

-How to Create Social Media Plan for Your Products and Services

ultimate blogging bundle

Ready to blog like a bombshell? The New Bombshell Blogger Bundle has everything you need to effectively launch AND monetize your blog!  During this video class, I will show you four strategies for monetizing your blog. From sponsored posts to partnering with brands, I cover all your options to make money from your passion!

Digital products 101

This interactive masterclass will show you to how to create and deliver digital products to your customers. This class will teach you how to package your genius, bundle it and sell it to your audience.

get paid to speak

This is an introductory two part class where I cover the essentials of getting your brand known in the speaking realm. Topics covered include: how to craft your signature talk, how to get paid for your talks!

strategic planning

Need help crafting your plan of execution for the year? Register for the 2018 Strategic Planning Session. This webinar replay includes a revised 2018 copy of the Bombshell Business Plan Template ($27 Value).

Slaying @ Social

Slaying @ Social will provide you with a proven process to dominate social media and create profitable brand awareness. With the self study version, you get access to 4 weeks of content that will teach you how to be strategic on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn!

Email Unlocked

Email Unlocked is a live masterclass that will explore email marketing for side hustlers and small business owners. The class will cover a range of topics with the goal of providing complete understanding of how to best use email to grow your business.

Conquer Live Stream

Overcome your fear of going live and create engaging video content for your audience! This class consists of a 3 part video series that will help you overcome your fear of video, create content for your live stream broadcasts, teach you how to repurpose your content & more.