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Launching, managing and elevating your brand requires strategy, preparation and planning. When you're in the creative spirit, you get inspiration in the most random of places. Which then leads to post it notes everywhere, thousands of journals and hundreds of notes in your iPhone. In the beginning, this system of information everywhere worked.

As my brand has grown, I've found myself drowning in it.

I needed to create systems and processes to grow. I've spent hours reviewing my old journals to figure out my own system of brainstorming and turned that into the Launch Your Brand Toolkit.


This toolkit consists of 41 strategic branding worksheets that will take you from brainstorming to launch. It contains five sections with meaningful questions that will help you to gain clarity on your brand and how to showcase. The sections include: Goals, Research, Visuals, Content & Product.


Whether you're promoting your business, blog or simply want to have a better hold on your personal brand, this toolkit has something for you! It's a 45 page fillable PDF that you can type in, save as well as print. A few of the worksheets include:


Social Media Statistic Tracker

Target Customer Profile

Daily, Weekly and Quarterly Planner

Exposure Tracker

Blog Post Checklist

Webinar Planning 

Product Development

And More!


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