Are you struggling to keep your business organized?


Do you feel like there's not enough hours in the day and suffer from procrastination?


Do you feel that your current system for keeping things organized has room for improvement?


Introducing Project ManageHER: A tool to help busy entrepreneurs track clients, manage projects and improve their processes

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You're probably wondering, "great, another planner to add the my massive collection". Listen, I can relate. Once upon a time I had an obsessive amount of pretty notebooks and planners that collected dust. I realized that conventional planners just don't work for me.


Project ManageHER is a project management tool that you can use to keep your business organized in a way that has brought me increased clarity and peace of mind that will lesson your feelings of overwhelm. This project planner is best for those who have clients in either a B2B or B2C capacity. This will make easy for you to stay organized in your business and will allow you to plan for your weekly business tasks in 15 minutes or less!


This planner contains 4 key sections.


Client Management

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This section will allow you to keep record of your clients, take note of your meetings and maintain of list of key deliverables.


Project Management

This section will provide you space to track any of your ongoing projects. Whether you're rebuilding your website, launching a new product or creating a new overall strategy for your business, this section will meet your notes. The template will guide you through developing your project timeline, project scope, budget and more!



Think of this as your weekly to-do list! In this section, you're able to map out all of the items you need to take action on (including those you outsource), due dates and more!


Marketing Tracker

This marketing section makes creating your content and sales strategy even easier. The section guides you through tracking your marketing budget, strategy and return on investment!

Pre-Order Bonuses

This planner will official become available on June 1, 2018, but if you pre-order your copy today, you will receive several amazing bonuses!!


Everyone who pre-orders their copy of Project ManageHER will receive the Bombshell Business Essentials Kit* ($29 value) for FREE! The business essentials kit is consists of: Content Calendar Template, Sales Tracker, Business Metrics Tracker, PR Tracker and more! 


Deluxe Planner Bundle

Pre-order the Deluxe Bundle which includes:

  • Project ManageHER Planner($29 Value)***

  • Bombshell Business Essentials ($29 Value)*

  • Organized Chaos - How to Manage Your Brand and Not Lose Your Mind Class ($47 Value)**

  • How to Use Asana to Manage Your Clients ($47 Value)**

*Business Essentials kit will be provided electronically to customers on May 15th

**Access to classes will be provided electronically to customers on May 17th

***Planners will ship on or by June 1, 2018