Do you dream of waking up to “payment received” notifications?


are you tired of waiting for those acuity notifications that someone has scheduled a call?


Are you frustrated with creating programs that no one signs up for or products that no one purchases?


Does any of this sound familiar? Don't be shy. I can totally relate. When I launched my business in 2013, I felt the same way. I never knew where my next customer was coming from. I'm EMBARRASSED to show you what my first sales page looked. It was a complete hot mess. It took me years to figure just exactly how to sell. I had to not only overcome the mindset issues but then had to piece together various articles and books I found online on sales strategy.  Back then, I wish I had someone to help show me the way and make my journey a bit easier.


The struggle is Real.

You know it. I know it.

The Truth Is...

  • Not fully understanding how to sell and who you're selling to is costing you thousands of dollars

  • Being stressed and overwhelmed with thoughts of where your next customer is coming from is costing you time 

  • You're missing out on leads and prospects because your sales pages are underwhelming and don't fully convey your value

  • If you're not able to hone your sales strategy soon, your business will become a very expensive hobby


Its time for you to firm up your strategy, execute better launches and hit your sales goals, consistently. If you're ready to hit your goals every month, Bombshell Sales Academy is the solution to help you do this.


Purpose to Profit - Sell Like a Pro Academy is a 4 week online program that will help you develop winning sales strategy that converts!


This self paced online program will cover....


Module 1: How to Create an Offer Your Audience Actually Wants

Module 2: How to Build a Sales Page on Your Website


Module 3: How to Build Sales Funnels Using Email and Social Media


Module 4: How to Sell Like a Pro

Module 1

The program will kick off with offer creation! I will teach you how to package and price your offerings to suite your audience. We will cover entry, mid and high level offer types. Additionally, we'll explore opportunities for creating passive income offers. Passive income is the money you make while you’re sleeping and for me, has been crucial to the growth of my revenue.

Module 2

Module 2 focuses on the visuals and design. Here, you'll learn ALL of the components your sales page must have to convert web visitors to customers and learn to build your own from scratch.

Module 3

Week 3 is all about funnels. I'll teach you the what, why, and how of sales funnels. We'll cover how to outline your path to profit and focus on both social media and email marketing.

Module 4

The program concludes with tactics for closing deals. You'll learn techniques for selling over the phone, via webinars and on live stream. You'll also get access to my sales call cheat sheet.


You will also gain access to the pre-work module "Money Mindset - How to Change Your View of Selling".



Upon enrollment, you will gain access to over $200 worth of bonuses during the program!


You will gain access to the Instagram module from the course, Slaying @ Social. You’ll learn how to use Instagram to boost your sales.

Conquer Live Stream is a 3 part video training series that will teach you how to conquer your fear of going live and how to use live stream broadcasts to sell your offers.

$27 Value.png

The Bombshell Product Planner is an 80 page workbook that will help you plan your products and courses.

Email Unlocked is a 60 minute video training that will teach you how to build, grow and engage your email list.

Testimonials from My Previous Clients

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Let's Get Introduced

My name is Kyshira Moffett, MBA and I've been in your shoes. I've been the person that didn't have "strategy". I've experienced trying to write a sales page and having no clue what I was doing. I have stories of being paralyzed by fear of telling prospective clients my price or even thinking about selling over live stream. But after several sold out launches of both products, services and programs, I am ready to share with you my own tried and true techniques. In my business, I help amazing bombshell women like you package their expertise, brand their brilliance and monetize their online presence. I'm also published author, speaker, founder of Life of a Bombshell Cosmetics and and award winning entrepreneur who can't wait to work with you!

This Program Is For You If....


  • You have a service or information based business - meaning you offer design work, coaching, consulting, online learning programs, group coaching programs, membership groups, etc.

  • Selling terrifies you, but you're ready to make a change

  • You know you have valuable ideas that will help your clients, but aren't sure how to convey them

This Program Is Not For You If...


  • You like managing an expensive hobby

  • You don't want to see an increase in clients and sales

  • You're not ready to invest the time in learning how to firm up your business

  • You don't have your website up and running

  • You have no idea what your clients wants or needs

Let's Face it

You're tired of your phone being empty of payment notifications.

You're frustrated with putting a lot of time and energy into creating programs that no one signs up for or products that no one purchases.

You're struggling to keep your spirits up because you're feeling defeated with where you are.

You KNOW you have value and you're ready for the world to see it too.

After Purpose to Profit - Sell Like a Pro academy....

You'll stop winging it on sales calls.

You'll be prepared to create sales pages that will convert your audience into customers.

You'll be equipped with the know how to build multiple funnels within your business so you too can make money while you're sleeping.

Most importantly, you'll have a sales strategy for your business to hit your revenue goals time and time again.



How long will have access to the content? You will have lifetime access to the course content and bonuses.

When will the course begin? The course will begin immediately. You will have instant access to all of the content.

Is there a refund policy? This course is non-refundable.

Other questions? Email me at


Enroll today so we can get started!

There are two investment options for this program. You can select a one time payment of $497 or you can select the installment plan of $179/month for three months. Immediately upon payment, you will gain instant access to the course,.