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"Kyshira is amazing and her brilliance is branding for sure! During the call I gained clarity on my new offerings as well as strategies to jump start a profitable 2018. I totally appreciated Kyshira's insight, suggestions, and care for my brand. She did not try to change who I was or my brand, but rather, help me enhance what I was already doing so that I can stand out more and increase my income. Right after my strategy call with Kyshira, I got to work! Witnessing Kyshira's passion and hustle has been inspiring and I knew I had better start implementing right away if I was to results. I've revised my elevator pitch and created a new website. Following that, I gained 3 new book clients and launched my private Facebook Community. I've also created an online student portal with a program Kyshira recommended and revised content for my Birth Your Book Bootcamp so that modules are easily accessible for clients, and to enhance my efficiency and organization. I highly recommend working with Kyshira if you're in the middle of a rebrand, like I was, just launching your business, or if you're an established entrepreneur. Not only is Kyshira knowledgeable, but her personal brand speaks volumes about her expertise, experience, and ability to help you succeed in business! " Teresa Renee Hunt, Life Makeover Strategist

“Kyshira is great. I appreciate that she doesn't have a one size fits all approach to her coaching program. She was able to give me guidance in the areas that I needed most while also ensuring that I had an overall plan to get my program off the ground. I learned a lot about branding and social media marketing in particular, areas I had limited experience in. If you are looking for someone who is collaborative and awesome to work with then Kyshira is the one.” Mercedes Forrest, Personal Finance Coach

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