Grow Your Brand Bundle

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Grow Your Brand Bundle


The Grow Your Brand Bundle is only available for purchase until August 27th. Upon purchase, you will receive an email with a PDF that will contain access instructions for your courses. Please save this PDF.

You will receive four classes and one digital download in this bundle valued at over $400. The classes include:

  • Build a Brand Summercamp ($147 value)

  • Creating Consistent Content Masterclass ($97 Value)

  • New Bloggers Masterclass ($97 Value)

  • Bombshell Speaker’s Masterclass ($47 Value)

  • Bombshell of All Trades Book Digital Download ($29 Value)

See below for full descriptions.

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Course Descriptions

Build a Brand Summercamp

We're going back to the beginning and will cover everything you need to do, from A to Z, to build a high impact memorable brand.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • Narrowing Your Niche
  • Identifying Your Market
  • Crafting Your Brand Messaging
  • How to Stand Out From the Crowd
  • and more of the foundational elements!


Creating Consistent Content Masterclass

Struggling to create content on a regular basis that will engage your audience and showcase your expertise? This is the class for you! During this 60 minute masterclass, I will teach you my tried and true methods of:

  • Creating a never ending vault of content
  • My strategy for creating content that drives engagement and sales
  • How to make time for content creation
  • Tools for automation
  • and more!


Bombshell Speaker's Masterclass

Ready to build your brand as a speaker and land top engagements? This class will get you started! 

This class covers:

  • Deep dive into creating engaging presentations
  • How to secure national engagements
  • How to monetize pro-bono speaking engagements
  • Negotiating your speaker's contract
  • Building your media kit


New Bloggers Masterclass

Learn how to establish your brand influence with blogging! During this course, I will show you how to use written and visual content to build your brand as an expert in your field.


Topics covered include:

-How to prepare for a successful blog launch

-Gaining exposure as a new blogger

-Leveraging LinkedIn publisher to showcase your insight

-How to find guest blogging opportunities

-Creating your blog media kit

-Integrating video into your blog

-How to develop a content calendar that works for you


Bombshell of All Trades - Digital Copy

Are you running your side hustle or creative business as solopreneur? Well, Bombshells of All Trades is for you! This planner is packed with answers to every new entrepreneurs questions as well as filled with actionable strategies you can implement immediately. Bombshell of All Trades guides you through the steps you must take to effectively manage the growth of your brand business. Each section starts with a bombshell business lesson and then guides you through strategic worksheets which allow you to implement what's learned into your brand immediately!

Length: 120 pages