Here will you find a snapshot of all the brands within the umbrella of The KSM Group that were launched by Kyshira Moffett.



#HERMovement is a successful business and lifestyle blog that provides actionable advice to l women on their pursuit to professional success. Since 2013, #HERMovement has more than 20K global followers, grown into a community of more than 2.5K members on Facebook, hosted a successful monthly Twitter chat which has been featured in EBONY Magazine, and expanded into a YouTube channel and podcast known as The Bombshell Diaries. #HERmovement offers books and digital products to help you put your ideas into action.

The Power Collective

The Power Collective is a private coaching program for women entrepreneurs who want to increase their visibility, their profits and their impact. If you stumbled across this web page, chances are, you're looking for insight on how to increase the power and reach of your brand. Learn more here.

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Hustle her way summit

With a demand for more in-person engagement, empowerment, and impact, I created and facilitated the Hustle HER Way Summit  in Pittsburgh, PA which sold out for the second time in a row this year! This two-day conference united professional speakers from around the nation to connect with and educate entrepreneurial women from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. The summit has since received rave reviews and will be back June 28-29, 2019! Learn more and get your tickets here.

life of a bombshell cosmetics

Life of a Bombshell Cosmetics launched in April 2017. It is a passion project of mine. I wanted to create a luxury cosmetics line for today's mogul in the making. Power women should have powerful products that motivate them throughout the day. Since its inception, Life of a Bombshell Cosmetics has been seen in Essence Magazine, Empire Life Magazine and more! The collection consists of matte lipsticks, lip gloss, eye shadow palettes, makeup brushes and more!

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