The Bombshell Diaries

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The Bombshell Diaries is a podcast dedicated to entrepreneurship, branding and the lifestyle of the everyday busy bombshell. From building your network to launching your side hustle, this podcast is filled with actionable strategies you can use today! The podcast serves as a compliment to the #HERmovement blog for the on-the-go mogul. The podcast features solo episodes as well as the #BeautyandtheBeat interview series! Interested in advertising your business on The Bombshell Diaries? Click here for more information.


This podcast will also feature an interview series entitled "Beauty And the Beat" which will spotlight women who have built powerhouse brands in the fashion, hair and beauty industries. I was inspired to create this series by own journey of launching my cosmetics line. More often than not, women of color are behind the hair, beauty and fashion brands we love. But, their stories are not told. Beauty and the Beat is the platform for these women to not only share their journey, but to provide insight and inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Bombshell Diaries is available on Soundcloud, iTunes, Google PlayiHeartRadio and Stitcher.


To be considered as a guest for the show, please complete the form below in its entirety. Keep in mind that the guests I interview are within the fashion, beauty and hair industries! Submission does not guarantee a response or an interview.

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